Battery low during flight

Hey everyone.

Im currently flying KLAX-YSSY in a AA 773 and I’m having problems with my battery. When I departed from KLAX I had full charge and 2 hours from YSSY im down to 8%. The ipad has been on charge all flight.
I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem or know what could be the problem.

Thanks Cam!

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What model iPad? And graphic settings?

I had high graphics turned on and no clue what model. it’s a few years old 🤣


You might want to lower your graphics then. Also what was your brightness?

Have high graphics been on the whole flight?

I cant really check mid flight 🤣 Brightness was on low

Yeah until a few minutes ago I changed it

Ok here’s my theory.

You mentioned your device is a few years old - that means the battery is likely fairly degraded. Its clear then that its degraded enough that with high settings on - Infinite Flight is using up battery faster than the charger can charge the battery (hope that makes sense).

Are you using an official Apple charger?

Yeah mate official Apple charger. Yeah maybe that’s the problem ay with the graphics being to high because of the buildings. Thanks for your help ill let you know how it goes.

Ok. Graphics might be the problem. Lower that and keep the brightness lower and make sure if possible use an apple charger (one that comes with the iPad) which will give the best charge.

It’s probably not the buildings cause my device is a few years old and hasn’t burned due to the buildings

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Yes it is then an issue with your battery.

It is strongly recommended - even with the newest devices, to lower graphics in cruise to reduce load on your device.

When you are done with your flight, follow these steps:

Go into the Settings App.
Scroll down to “Battery”
Click on “Battery Health”

What percentage does it say?

iPad doesn’t have that. Only iPhones

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Do they not? Oh well then.

I should know that…I have an iPad…

I honestly don’t know why it doesn’t. But for my sake it is probably good cause it would be terrible lol

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Ill check after my flight if I make it 🤣

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Like I said it is not on the iPad only an iPhone feature

One thing I noticed on my phone is that once in a blue moon even when I have the charger on it e whole flight, I’ll notice my battery life reducing. I can’t explain why other than a few things mentioned above. One thing I did notice and for whatever reason is that if I unplug my device and plug it back in right away, the battery life maintains its current state or climbs. I normally close all other apps during a flight as well so only IF is running. Don’t know if this helps but thought I’d try and help. Hope you get to land!

This category gives me extreme agita. It always has, always will.

Hello, Cameron.

Let us start by addressing the elephant in the room. What is your device (specifically, please)? What operating system is it on? Are you using a 5W, 12W, 18W, or 20W charger?


Tip: You can find your iPad model by opening Settings, clicking on General followed by About.

Oh yea once in a blue moon I experience that too and freak out and go buy new charger or think I have to buy a new device 😂

Ill have to tell you that later