Battery life

Device Ipad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen
Operating system 15.7

Since the new update, when controlling my battery absolutely crashes.

Today i started with 75% battery, no other apps running, turned the brightness down as much as possible and only lasted about 2 1/2 hours.

Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated :)


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It must be a problem with your device and not IF.


What type of camera view do you use while controlling? Because I personally like to turn off the camera view to save battery!

Excuse me did you say 2nd gen?
IF will have problems running infinite flight.

I normally just leave it on the standard view. I’ll try and turn it off.

I do turn the time to night time, to make it darker to enhance the battery life aswell.

Thank you for the advice :)

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He said “iPad Pro Second Gen”

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Yes, when the camera view is turned on, it’s rendering all 3D buildings and aircrafts like if you were flying. So, turning your camera off not only helps you save battery a lot but makes your game smoother (especially when it’s busy, it might get laggy and even crash the game).


Just charging it up now, will open up a freq when it’s charged :)

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Your device is 5 years old so the battery won’t last that long by this point, especially while thing an app that uses a fair amount of battery.

I’ve had the same problem from time to time with my iPad Pro but I’m also using IFAssistant and pax. I just close everything out but it just started happening. I do need to delete all my flights from replays. There’s a lot now taking up space and making it work harder

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Before we immediately target the device, can I urge you all to read the main post of this topic?

It is not uncommon for updates to have adverse impacts on performance. This is something that we encounter in testing, where there can be occasions in which a device that would typically last for several hours is dead in one.

@IFATCLee3440 have you noticed the device performance struggling, or the iPad becoming especially hot?
What sort of battery life would you have gotten out of the iPad under a typical controlling session before the update?


If I’m using it to watch Netflix it will last for hours.

When I’m using it for IF, it doesn’t seem to get hot at all, even though it’s plugged in.

Last night I put it on low power mode, turned the camera off whilst controlling ZSSS approach and the battery was slightly better.

It had 62% battery and when I ended an hour later it 59%

Based on your device remaining relatively cool as well as decreasing in charge despite being plugged in, I have to ask, what is the wattage of your charging brick?

It is entirely possible that you might have a brick that’s just too underpowered, perhaps it might have been designed for a phone instead of an iPad. As well as that, the high power draw from Infinite Flight with its processing demands might mean that there’s a net loss, despite your charger still pumping in charge, albeit at a rate that’s lower than the demands.

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Is it better to not charge the device while controlling/flying to persevere battery life? I’m still uncertain what the best advice is to keep the battery capacity in the optimal condition.
For long haul flights it need to be plugged in, I assume….

Personally, I always plug my device in no matter what, otherwise if you saw a line graph of my devices battery life when not plugged in, the line would be going down steeper than a cliff face.

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Battery degradation is proportional to the number of cycles that it has experienced, where a cycle is where the battery drains and then is charged back up. From someone I know in the battery industry, mobile devices are expected to last approximately 1,000 cycles, which would work out to just under 3 years of cycling, assuming that it is drained throughout the day and charged back up at night on a daily basis.

However, it is important to note that consistently keeping a battery at a high or low state of charge will also not be beneficial. It will also cause some form of degradation, so it is good to eventually cycle it once in a while.

Back to the topic at hand, we’ll really only be able to work out what the root cause of the problem is with OP’s device. There’s no point addressing the symptom without first looking for the cause.

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If you want to preserve your battery health of your device, then charging/plugging in your device whilst using it is a big No (especially if your device is relatively new). Your device can be considered “relatively new” and have a great “battery life” for a prolonged period of time if you by all means avoid simultaneously charging and using your device. The very moment you start to use your device on charge, over the long run, your battery health starts to diminish, therefore your battery life (number of on-screen hours) drops massively.

I’m able to do long hauls flights (~11hrs) on my iPad whilst not on charge (Battery drops from 100% to roughly in the high 30%). This also depends on the usage of your device, storage memory etc.

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Go to Settings> Battery> Battery Health and if it says service recommended you need to replace your battery at apple

Again, we’re trying to find the root cause of the issue and not simply addressing the symptoms. Telling someone to change their battery if it isn’t even the main issue would be redundant as the new battery would end up with the same issue not too far down the line again.

Until an exhaustive list of hypothesis can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that it is in fact the cause of a consistent battery drain despite being plugged in, only then is a battery change recommended. These battery changes are neither cheap nor easily accessible for everyone, so recommendations should be made with this taken into account.

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