Battery life

I have bought a new handset and im worried about my battery health. Does Infinite Flight drain my device battery health?


Yes. It will do that over time. Infinite Flight is a lot packed into an app so it takes a big toll on your battery. You can try and reduce battery expenditure by turning down screen brightness whenever you are in flight, alongside a number of other things.


Infinite Flight will not affect your device’s battery health if you leave it charging while in use. Modern devices have power-management features which ensure the battery is not damaged while left on charge for continuous periods of time.


I don’t think it will affect the battery. But there are suggestions from me that might help you:
Try to use graphics all at low I highly recommend

  • Anti-aliasting off mode. Anti-aliasing in my opinion is highly recommended to be in the OFF position.
    Then reduce the brightness to low.
    -What purpose? So that your device does not overheat, and the battery will not consume much power, and so as not to cause excessive heat in your device. So this should always be applied when playing infinite flight, especially long haul flights. And also avoid playing infinite flights outside the home. Especially if your device is exposed to sunlight and the screen brightness is very high. The risk of heat from the device can occur and can trigger excessive heat.
    -Then if there is a device screen lock feature, take advantage of this feature. Usually there are on devices like Samsung
    -Aside from that. Never deactivate the limit frame rate
  • Then lower the screen brightness to the lowest avoid overheating. Namely avoid playing infinite flight outside the home.
    -Use the original battery and original charger
    -Be sure not to let the battery run out, for example 4% of you just charge the battery
    -Enable battery saving mode, then enable enable power mode
    Avoid using many applications while playing infinite flight for hours, especially when your device is charging
    -Use wifi if necessary, because in my opinion it uses wifi while activating airplane mode. it is more recommended and suitable for long flights. Because battery life can last longer. Even I have done it

Hopefully this can help and can also be tried, because I have more than 100 times played infinite flight for more than 7 hours when flying. I always charge while playing infinite flight and my device is also in very good and safe condition. Even my battery is not damaged, overheated or leaking. And I think the FDS developer will try to make the application better, and try to prevent the things that are not desirable hehehe :)


Every simulator or game drains battery life

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Well battery optimization doesn’t really work


Just charge your phone during a long-haul flight, you have nothing to worry about.

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Yes, battery wear is a common age/usage related issue on any device. Everybody has to deal with it at a certain point, however newer devices are less likely to have battery issues.

yeah right even every time I fly for more than 13 hours my device is also always safe and there are no suspicious things. Of course if the quality of the original battery and charger will be safer👍

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