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Hey folks,

Today I was attempting a flight from Singapore to Newark but unfortunately had to end it mid flight do to battery. My iPad was plugged in the whole time, I had only IF open the whole time, screen brightness was lowered (my iPad doesn’t have low power mode:)) what else could help me so I don’t have to worry about my iPad Battery life? Sorry for the rant 😏


Lower all settings. No background apps. No volume. Or if you’re using the wrong wall plug in.


Do you have the in-app low power mode enabled? What are your device specs?

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Oh yeah, it’s time for my favorite setting

Limit Frame Rate


It completely depends on your iPad model. Is it old? Do you constantly use it? In settings on iOS 13 you’re able to tell the battery health of your iPad.

I bought a fast charger on amazon. Highly recommend

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That, also make sure your cables are plugged in all the way or aren’t frayed like this;

2018 Samsung USB Fast Charging wall cube with 2016 USB to Micro USB (Classic Android end) with USB-C adapter (to fit my S8)

Mine still works in this state, but that’s because it’s a Samsung XD


It is a few years old, and I use it quite a bit

That’s probably the issue. Battery life gets much worse as you use it more and as it gets older.


Unfortunately, battery health is only available on the iPhone. IPadOS 13 doesn’t have it

What was your graphic settings?

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Try turning your graphic settings to the lowest it can go, brightness low and then change the time of day to dark so you have a black background. It’s worked for me in the past so maybe try it and see if it helps.

True but not true. Indeed only iOS will display Battery Health, how the battery has degraded from its maximum capacity over time, but that battery health health isn’t 100% correct itself.

  • On Windows you can download 3uTools

  • On Mac you can download CoconutBattery 3

On these two respective programs for Windows and Mac, you can see the exact amount of charging cycles and battery health but opening up the programs and plugging your device into your PC/Mac. It’s the charging cycles that are what one should focus on. After 1000 cycles you should replace your iPad battery, after 500 cycles your iPhone battery needs changing.

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