Battery life while flying

Hello fellow pilot’s, I have seen many topics on Battery life while flying long distances. I had mentioned to my son the battery doesn’t last for long to extra long flights he looked at what I was charging with and he said I’m using the wrong cable and charger. He said it should only be “Apple Products only “. So I went to Apple store and got Apple charger and cable hooked it up and now I can go on any flight any distance and have 100% battery life when done. I just flew from EGLL/KLAX and when I was done 100% of battery was left.


It doesn’t need to be an original. The brick however should be of a reputable brand like Apple’s original or Belkin.

And the wattage of the brick is what matters if your device can sustain or charge the battery while flying.

Just some good notes to think of :)


Thank you.

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