Battery life on iphone during night flight

Does anyone else notice that their phone battery (particularly iPhone) drains far quicker during night flights rather than day flights? 🤔

I’ve just done an hours night flight from KMCO-KATL and even my phone got really hot. I don’t think I have the same problem during daytime flights.

The opposite happens to me

Battery drains much quicker during DAY flights (because the screen is brighter, thus draining more battery)

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Now that would make sense! My phone clearly doesn’t understand the basics! 😂

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If you’re concerned about battery life when flying, the usual suspects are to turn down the graphics, enable low power mode and lower your screen brightness.

It’s also possible that you are actually using a higher brightness on a night flight just to make it easier for you to see 🤷

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wait brightness is affected by projected colors? bc if i have lowest brightness set, it should matter whether the colors are lighter/darker? day time uses more resources than night?

Yeah that makes perfect sense.

My iPhone has a habit of using “auto brightness” even though I’ve turned that feature off.

… and by auto brightness, I mean “auto-turn the screen down to barely visible” mode” 😉

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At the moment MCO-ATL is the hottest route on the map, both for your device and in-game. Surrounding aircraft have a huge effect on device performance.

That’s definitely noted! My frame rates dropped drastically on final as well!

Just in case anyone saw the poor landing 🙄😂

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I don’t really know how to explain it well, but the more blue you have on the screen, the brighter it will be (blue light is the one that generates the most brightness, followed by white light; black is the one that generates less as pixels don’t need to “turn on” to be black).

On day flights the sky is obviously blue, which generates more brightness, and consequently drains more battery.

As I said before, a black screen isn’t any bright because the pixels don’t need to “turn on” to be black, thus draining much less battery

Be aware that the last paragraph only applies for AMOLED or OLED screens (refer to @Kirito_77’s post)

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This depends entirely on the screen technology being employed. This is irrelevant if you have an LCD, TN or TFT screen as they depend on having a backlight shone through them. If you are using AMOLED or OLED however this applies as every pixel is its own light source.


Yeah, forgot to mention that…

Let me edit my post

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