Battery Life II

Battery Life (One) was closed out but like OP; having continuous issues with battery drain myself now. I have the latest iPad Pro 12.9. It’s been working fine until about the time as OG post on the matter; see below. I have not made any changes. Is this Apple or IF?.

Yes, cleared cash and what not and at recommended Graphics settings was working fine for months, now not.



Device Ipad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen
Operating system 15.7

Since the new update, when controlling my battery absolutely crashes.

Today i started with 75% battery, no other apps running, turned the brightness down as much as possible and only lasted about 2 1/2 hours.

Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated :)


My suggestion: Get a new device. It’s a 10 year old device; of course the battery won’t sustain anymore. My iPhone 6S is incapable of running it now. I’m surprised your device has made it this far.

Ummm …. Mine is the latest iPad Pro 12.9 1TB of local storage and 4 months old

Ah, I misread the device. Thought it was just a basic 2nd gen iPad. Are you using the Apple charger or no?

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@Altaria55 No, it’s ok. We all do it.

I made the mistake that all Bombardier Challengers were the same

Correlation and causeality (sp) is difficult to isolate with so many variables

When I put it back on the charger it just holds current levels and a typical 1.5 to 2 hour flight is a net loss of 40% battery and it gets really warm

2nd gen iPad Pro from 2017 isn’t the latest as you claim

To confirm
Settings → General → About → Model name

That there could be an issue

That was OP. I do have the latest version and it’s also happening to me. Sorry for the confusion

Do you use stage manager (like I do) and/or have other apps open? That can drain more power

I had to delete some bloatware but because I’m in the actor business all of that is confined to my girlfriend’s work iPad

No no, stage manager the windowing function on iPadOS 16. Nothing related to acting

The system specified in the original reply is 15.7 but is that also from the original topic?


Another thing that occurred to me is brightness and automatic low power.
How much brightness are you using? And do you use Infinite Flights’ Automatic Low Power setting

I just recently upgraded to iOS16 but battery drain was before that

What about brightness? More brightness, more power consumption

I didn’t change anything on my device or settings then all of a sudden when at the time of OP I started to have same issues without my changes. Very confused

I’m not sure I understand the wording of your reply there

Basically I didn’t change settings on my device and there was a correlation to others posting about battery life with no ability to test causation

Do you have background app refresh on? That’s known to increase power consumption

So I I use to all that when I tweaked a tablet to squeeze everything I got out of it. Years later, I even quit IF for a few years until I made sure I got a mobile device to play IF for at least 3 years without compromising.

Because a mobile device for me is a Tesla for other’s to make statements.

I shouldn’t have the problems for a game design to the lowest common denominator

Not quite sure I follow this message either

So I’m going to drop the below here before headed off for the night

I recommend you use this setting here found on the “general” settings page in IF. Allows me to leave my 2021 iPad Pro for hours on battery on a flight so maybe it’ll do something for you too. It basically reduces IF’s workload when you haven’t interacted with it after a short while

What’s frustrating is I’ve tried all of that.