Battery Issues

There could also be an issue with the charger. How old is it do you know?

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When I hear Apple and Charger together, that’s one of my biggest complaints with Apple. The charging system (wall connection, charging cable and battery) have underperformed for years in my opinion. I’ve had more issues with the wall connections and cables more that any other devices in my house. We have 3 Surface Book’s, 3 Kindle HDs, Wii U, and 3 iPhone 12 Max’s, Apple is the lousiest when it comes to battery charging and battery performance.


I agree. After using the charger for a while the level of battery it gives drops by a lot. It’s almost as if the lightning bolt is just for show as you watch the % go down.

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To counter this issue buy a iPad charger. since it has more voltage to deliver. or any other fast chargers. iPhone chargers are known for their low power supply when using the device. it should only be used when the phone is not in use. when you want to use your phone and game at same time use as stated an fast charger or an iPad charger with more power.

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about 4 months

So are ipad chargers better, potentially solving the issue?

Yes they are better because they provide more power. Optional you can use a mac book power brick or any other Apple fast charger.

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I cut the cord so to speak and changed over to wireless charging pads for the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s, but I’m still using a USB-C for the iPad Pro. As long as I dim my screen, the iPad stays charged up pretty well but I have to take it out of the case sometimes because it gets too hot.

Oh and I won’t do a long haul unless my iPad has a 100% charge prior to departure. I just don’t want to risk anything.

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First of all I’d recommend charging your device beforehand if you know its going to lose battery…

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If it’s 4 months than the charger should be fine.

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I’m going to buy a new charger for IF, is an 18W one good or bad, which specific one do you recommend? - Thanks in advance :)

The standard one is 5 watts I think, you should be good with 18 I think the max should be 20-30

I’ve had this issue on my Android tablet. I removed IF and re-downloaded it again. After re-installing and a reboot of the device it never happened again. I’m not sure if on ios it will work this way, but it might be worth trying

that won’t work on ios. Apple just lazy to ship the device with a proper charger. so if you want to game and never have to check battery you have to buy a better (fast) charger with higher watts.


Awesome, thank u for all the help @cpt.mustache

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I usually just lower my brightness when I fly overnight so it doesn’t drain battery

Yeah I had the exact same issue with my iPad! Turning on low power mode on infinite flight helps massively along with graphic settings - but you have done all that so I would say its your device!
Maybe try and getting a bigger charger brick that goes into the wall, if your using the normal iPhone brick in the wall try getting an iPad brick and doing that?
That helped my iPad a lot! I plug the USB cable straight into the mains (as I have USB connector in the mains and it charges up fine now) !

However battery charging is slower when using the new aircraft 777 etc !!

Also maybe try a new charger - but I’d say try using an iPad brick to charge the phone while using IF 🤙

Hope that helps 😀

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