Battery Issues

Im kinda annoyed cause when i use IF, it drains the battery faster than it charges it so if i start a long haul on like 40% i would wake up with it about to run out of charge or all ready out of battery. So today i was flying for VGVA from Washington to SFO and in preperations for the baterry drainage, i had all Graghics settings on the lowest, low brightness and no apps running in the background. It was on charge the entire time and i just checked on it and it’s on 2% (originally on around 30%) and there’s nothing i can do abt it cause it will just run out of battery so the whole flight was a waste. im not here just complaining, im asking if there’s anything i could do with my phone or with IF.

Im also worried that if this is how IF drains my battery now, when buildings come, my iPhone won’t be able to cope. like i really wanna experience all the new updates and stuff but i don’t have the money to shell out on the latest iPhone’s or iPad’s to be able to handle it.

I am currently using the iPhone 8 Plus at the lowest graphics settings and no apps running in the background, i have over 20gb’s of storage left on the device. Im using an official apple charger, plugged into the wall and switched on at all times. If anyone could assist futher, that would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT : Device ran out of battery on descent into KSFO :/


Go into your Settings > Battery > Battery Health?

What percentage does your battery health show?

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i will check when the device turns on again :)

Battery Health says it’s at 89%

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Have you enabled low power mode for long flights in the Infinite Flight settings?

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I used to use IF Low Power Mode however it made the app run very very slow and was making flights less enjoyable to instead im using the Phone’s Low Power Mode

EDIT : I was literally on the IF app home screen whilst the phone was on charge and it then ran out of battery :/

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I recommend turning that back on. Although it can make things run slower it saves your battery. The option turns on every 1 minute that you don’t touch your screen. So to avoid that you can move the camera. Also have you turned on limit frame rate?

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I’m on Low graphic settings and have limit frame rate on. I have anti alising off too

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Ok there’s a few things that can be done to hopefully save your battery:

  • When doing a long haul flight change the time to night and go to exterior locked free cam and point it to the sky. This makes sure that unnecessary scenery rendering won’t occur as you won’t see it. Relieving some stress on your device.

  • Put on low power mode from the Infinite Flight settings as well as your own device.

  • Put all graphics to low.

  • Close any apps running in the background.

  • Put your phone on a cool surface so it does not over heat and it won’t drain the battery.

Hope this helps!

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Also please note that you will of course be able to enjoy 21.1! Laura and the beta team have been testing 21.1 on many devices to ensure everyone has a smooth 60fps whilst using Infinite Flight. I would imagine you might see a blog post about the correct settings to use when flying with 21.1 depending on your device.

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I Will try all of these things… just a bit annoying that i have to limit so many things just to use the sim but ig i can’t do much abt that. thanks for the help :)


oh okay thank you, i heard somethng abt device performance coming to 21.1, part of the reason i’ve been eager for it’s arrival lol. Fingers crossed everything runs a bit smoother with the new update ig lol

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Check this post out for more settings:

Are you using an Apple charger (one you got with the iPhone)?

Hi, sometimes the amount of watts which your device is using your battery can be greater than the amount your charger is providing you. So i would recommend always charging your phone at a 100% first, then do a little restart and then start your flight.

Yes they are.


oh ty i will try this on my next flight, meant to be flying my longest flight in IF yet in 2 hours, fingers crossed lol

I’m sorry if I missed anything in the thread but lowering your screen brightness and lowering your audio is a big help here too. I lower mine just about all the way once in at cruise. Displays generate heat and eat up battery even when on the charger.

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Yes make sure to use the low power mode from the IF app, and lower brightness

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I usually do keep my device brightness low and have no sound when on cruise, only when on takeoff, landing and listening to ATC i have higher brightness and sound