Battery Issue


I began my flight around 95-100% battery in my phone. Soon after takeoff my battery was at 100%. My phone was charging throught the flight.

After around 11 hours I began my descent when I noticed that my battery was at 93%. As I speak my battery is at 88% and is constantly reducing.

I am using an Iphone 6S


Same situation as you. My phone is IPhone X, now recently I tried to avoid fly the flight that more than 10 hours. It is bad for phone’s battery

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Wow your battery only went down that little over night, thats not anything weird then your fine! Your very lucky, if I had mine at 100% when I start mine would probably die or be at 30% after that and I have an iphone XR. What Charlie said tho - long flights just are not in the best interest for your device.

Wait was your phone charging during this time period?

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My phone was charging throughout otherwise my phone would die in 1 hour


Oh yea ofc, that happens. Not sure why (maybe the device is working too hard). Daniel may know looks like he is typing

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There are a few potential situations here, assuming you left your device plugged in the whole time.

  1. If you’re using the wrong power brick or an off-brand charging cable, you may see decreases in charging performance. Stick with Apple’s own equipment, or make sure you use high quality chargers and cables.
  2. You mention you’re using an iPhone 6S, which is rather old. As devices age, their battery health will drain. Lower battery health means the battery is not as great at holding a charge, it will last less between charges, and it will have performance issues overall. Check your battery health in Settings -> Battery -> Battery Health.
  3. Devices don’t like to be plugged in for long periods of time. Your device can very well be protecting itself from further battery damage by limiting the amount of charge going into it.

Depending on the situation with you and your device, you’ve got a few things to help you out.

  1. Lower your screen brightness to the lowest, and turn on Low Power Mode for Infinite Flight. In Infinite Flight, go to Settings -> General -> Enable Automatic Low Power. This limits the frame rate once you don’t touch your screen for a set period of time, which helps save the battery. You can also reduce the graphics to a lower setting, as well as setting the time to night just to further help your device out.
  2. If your battery health isn’t looking good, consider upgrading to a newer device.
  3. If you’re using off-brand charging devices, check to make sure they’re of good quality. Otherwise, you’ll see a decrease in performance.
  1. Use an apple lightning cable and an apple adapter.
  2. Battery health is at 82%
  3. Only during takeoff and landing do I increase the brightness and volume of my device. Except the 2 mentioned my brightness and volume is at 0.

Could it be becasue of the update?
My Iphone is on 14.0 and I just checked for an update. I am updating it to 14.2 now

82% battery health is on the low side. I’m not that surprised it’s having some issue holding a charge. Do what you can in IF to help your device out; this is pretty much what happens as your device ages.


For a small fee you can get a new battery at an Apple Store, you don’t need to buy a whole new device to replace the battery.

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