Battery issue

Could be a battery issue itself. Consider getting your battery replaced for $39 AUD.

Anyone else recommend me to replace my battery?

If you’ve noticed any drops in performance and a faster draining battery then you should :)

Whoops I mixed up the people. That’s my bad

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Tbh it seems like a best bet. 29$ is a steal compared to whatever they used to charge before

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Just got some more evidence.

After (flying in KSFO causal) take note of time and battery. There were no notifications and no background apps open.

I definitely will consider getting a new battery.

I think I might know. Since you are touching the screen all the time, IF doesn’t go into lower power mode (not Apple’s, but the one in IF). Because of this, your phone will slow down a bit, to not overheat or cause issues.

EDIT: I’ve had it happen to me a couple of times when flying GA.


I mean someone may have said this or not already but here are usually two keys that someone’s iPad or iPhone is draining battery: 1 - the age of it, usually once an iOS device hits 1.5-2 years old, that’s when I notice the battery starts to drain fast and 2 - The adapter usually is the culprit, I notice when you use a IPhone charging brick (the small bricks) on an iPad, it affects how much charge is getting to the iPad, it may be different or the same when an iPhone is charged by a iPad brick (I don’t know) or sometimes if your using like a non apple manufactured charging can sometimes affect the charge

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You are using an iPhone SE. Thats isn older device and one that Apple admitted to throttle the CPU because the battery drains out at that point. Apple’s batteries have always been ones to die out quickly after a year of use so I would recommend going to an Apple store and getting the battery replaced. Should solve the battery problem as this isnt software but hardware.


As I said, am looking forward for the iOS11.3 as Apple has promised us will fixed battery issue and performance of the phone…

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As before iOS10 we don’t really have that”much issue” so I assume that there is a problem on software :/

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Check mine out 😂

I use Ipad pro

That is not an issue as the OP has. Yours was running for over 9 hours. That is expected. His was running for just about 30 min which is using a lot of power for. In comparison my Note 8 with full settings uses around 2% battery ever 10min. His battery is being affected negatively your is not.

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I think the solutions we can get out of this one are listed below

-Don’t touch your screen all of the time or IF won’t go into low power mode

-It could be your phone battery

-It could be the age of the device

Honestly, when you fly, just have your phone plugged in 🤷🏻‍♂️ And poof issue solved :)

If there are any other problems regarding this you know what to do :)

I guss it’s 9 hours over the whole week so an hour somthin a day
This is my 24 hour rate.
So i lose 75% of my battery each hour , that’s alot

This is the time I fly without plugging my Ipad into battery. 😄

Yep, I burn thought about that same type of battery and memory its insanity. I think my phone is no longer able to run wire less.

IF uses a lot of battery in general, so this is no surprise. Go to apple and see of you’re eligible for a battery replacement. If you are, it’s free! If not it is relatively low cost. You could even go to an apple certified store and get it replaced for something cheaper maybe.

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