Battery issue

When I do GA flights, I usually don’t plug my phone in so it is easier to pilot the plane. But recently I’ve noticed that infinite flight has been sucking the power out of my phone really fast.
See belowimage
This shows that infinite flight is using about 0.5% every minute. Back in December 2017, I loved flying in the Himylanans in the SR22 and never noticed battery drain with IF.

Things I’ve tried
Clear RAM
Reinstall IF
Restart device

iPhone SE
iOS 11.2.2

I think one thing you haven’t done is lower your brightness and turn your sound completely off when flying. Or if that doesn’t help, lower your graphics settings in IF.

If the phone is old (2 or 3 years), then it’s battery might be slowing down.


I understand. But this was like BOOM. IF is suddenly using my battery… not gradually

Infinite flight uses a lot of battery because it is so complex. I mean cmon, you’ve got global flight with satellite imagery, planes that move smoothly, so much going on that it runs your battery dead faster :)

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Has this happened since the global update? Changed any settings? Possibly using a different charger?

The iPhone SE being quite a new device shouldn’t have any battery issues.

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Settings… I have change a few but nothing major. Like ringtones and notifications.
I’ll try a different charger


I’ve experienced issues with charging cords and the wall adapters. I highly recommend that you utilize Apple Products. Too many third party adapters and cords have failed me.


Do you have automatic low power switched on? Turn graphics down, volume and brightness.

I’ve been using the cord and adapter that came in the box (with the phone) it seems to work fine.

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No, as I am flying GA without autopilot

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Could be a battery issue itself. Consider getting your battery replaced for $39 AUD.

Anyone else recommend me to replace my battery?

If you’ve noticed any drops in performance and a faster draining battery then you should :)

Whoops I mixed up the people. That’s my bad

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Tbh it seems like a best bet. 29$ is a steal compared to whatever they used to charge before

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Just got some more evidence.

After (flying in KSFO causal) take note of time and battery. There were no notifications and no background apps open.

I definitely will consider getting a new battery.

I think I might know. Since you are touching the screen all the time, IF doesn’t go into lower power mode (not Apple’s, but the one in IF). Because of this, your phone will slow down a bit, to not overheat or cause issues.

EDIT: I’ve had it happen to me a couple of times when flying GA.


I mean someone may have said this or not already but here are usually two keys that someone’s iPad or iPhone is draining battery: 1 - the age of it, usually once an iOS device hits 1.5-2 years old, that’s when I notice the battery starts to drain fast and 2 - The adapter usually is the culprit, I notice when you use a IPhone charging brick (the small bricks) on an iPad, it affects how much charge is getting to the iPad, it may be different or the same when an iPhone is charged by a iPad brick (I don’t know) or sometimes if your using like a non apple manufactured charging can sometimes affect the charge

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