Battery Heating Up

Why does my iphone x heat up when i play the game.

Hi there! Your device will heat up when the display brightness is on high and while you are charging it. Just turn down the brightness and lower your audio. If you have a case on there that might hinder heat dissipation as well.


Keep your phone plugged in, and it wont happen.

Thankyou very helpfull.

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The reason it heats up is because you have Infinite Flight running. The more you leave it running, the more it will heat up. It heats up when you have Infinite Flight running is because IF uses up a lot of battery if you are not careful, and the more battery you use, the hotter your device will become.

Didint know that i will try it.

While we have you, you can hide the mini-map and HUD during different stages of your flight as well. If you need any help with that let us know! Cheers