Battery Health

Hello guys, i am so excited for the next features in the next update but i was wondering, how won’t it damage the phone battery while there are alot of informations processinh in the same time ? Thanks

I’m not sure, but I’m guessing they will provide us with information about technical things like this once the update is out! I normally have my device plugged in when I play IF anyways


Infinite Flight is already about as intense as they come. I don’t think IFR will be a significant increase on that. Things like having one approach vs another shouldn’t hurt much. Generally that sort of stuff (approaches, flight plans, that stuff) is relatively easy computational stuff, it’s the graphics, and many different aircraft that really strain it. So if anything the 777 is the feature of the next update that will really put a strain on things. The device getting hot isn’t optimal for the battery, but short of playing IF all day, it’s probably fine…

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