Battery Health Once Again Decreasing Faster Than Usual

Post from 2 years go when I had the iPhone 11.

I now have the iPhone 13 Pro and my Battery Health has gone done 2% in 8 the days since I re-subscribed to Pro after going down 5% in the 9 months before that.

To those who said it was my phone on my original post—it’s not. This is clearly an issue with the game as I’ve now experienced it on 2 different devices. For this reason, along with the poor ATC staffing, you’ve lost a subscriber for a very long time.

If you play this game on your iPhone, please monitor your Battery Health. This game may be killing your device without you even knowing it. If your battery is draining faster and faster, you know why.

what graphics settings are you on? my iphone 11 has been at 80% for the past 5 months and i play IF on a regular basis

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