Battery Health Decreasing Faster than Usual

I bought a one month subscription to global on May 31. On May 31, my phone’s battery health was at 96%. Today (June 23), my battery health is now at 93%. I have the iPhone 11 and am on the latest software (13.5.1). I bought the iPhone 11 on September 20 (Release Day). So, in just over 8 months before buying global my phone’s battery health decreased 4%. Now in 24 days, it went down 3%. I’m concerned about this because as the % decreases the time in between charges decreases. Note that the battery health is different from the battery that you charge everyday. The battery health can be seen through Settings->Battery->Battery Health. Is there a fix to this?

Battery drain is a problem everyone has to deal with. Here is an article from Apple that may help with the issue:

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This is probably something you should talk to Apple about. My XS Max from December 2018 is at 96%…

Unless you’re continuously charging/discharging, you have a battery issue.

Agreed, my iPhone X has 84% after 2 years.

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I only charge overnight, and apple also has a feature that decreases battery aging, which I use.

Which is exactly the same as i do. Something that only strengthens what i said earlier, that you most likely have an issue with the battery that is probably something you should bring up with Apple :)

Got it. Thanks!

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