Battery Draining Fast?

my iPad mini 2, 32GB never drained its battery super fast. until i bought a couple planes on IF, the battery drains so fast, when im doing flights on either Solo, or Live. 10 minutes of flying drains my battery to less than 90%, which is odd cause i can use YouTube for 1 hour, and it wont drain more than 15%. no apps are ever open, and i rarely drain the battery to less than 10%.


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The Have always been on high, and it never drained this fast, until i bought add-ons

I have Live +, and it makes IF a real battery drainer. I just deal with it, and plug my phone in while flying.


i would, but my parents take our chargers away

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I’ve noticed device brightness makes a MASSIVE difference. It was draining on my Air 2. To still enjoy good battery life, and great screen quality, try reducing the brightness.

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I have an iPad 2 with live+ and I can go a whole hour of flying without having to plug it in.

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i do, but it makes no difference. its just a little over 6 months old

Then all I can say is start with a full battery on reduced brightness.

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Auto brightness is also good at saving battery 😊

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Infinite Flight requires a lot more battery power than other apps like YouTube, SoundCloud, Etc. With the acquisition of Live or Live+ or even the purchase of extra aircraft will cause IF to load all the planes and regions instead of the default ones thus making the battery drain a lot faster. I would recommend either flying with a charger, turning your brightness down, turning on low battery mode while using the app, or turning down some of the settings. I hope this helped!

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My iPad is a boss no lie.

I haves my 3 main apps, Infinite Flight, blah, and other blah

My iPad mini 2 can run a day without charging. I have bought some regions and planes, I think it’s your brightness that’s draining your iPad

I never go full brightness, it can drain my iPad in 5 hours. Do half brightness or at night, use nightshift

i have my brightness on half always

Ive owned an mini 2. battery life was decent on it. which ios version do you use ?

You might set the screen brightness to minimum while cruising.

i use latest version of ios. 9.3.2

Well infinite flight is a little different from YouTube lol. IF is such a high quality game, and as a result it takes some high quality battery. To save this the best as possible lower your brightness, reduce settings and close background apps.

IF draws a lot of power. My MacBook can do about 7 hours of general work and productivity, but launch Kerbal Space Program and I’m lucky to get 40 minutes. Same goes for Infinite Flight and YouTube on the iPad.