Battery drain

So i have a samsung s8 and i use the wireless charger to charge my phone and a usb charger for an otg cable (i have a ch products yoke and saitek throttle) and ill play for a while like 20 minutes with no issue and all of a sudden my battery starts to drain.I have low power mode and limit frame rate on so does it used to work fine when i had my old ch products yoke. which was before the most recent update

Could you please tell us which wireless-charger you are using?


it is provided directly from samsung when i got the phone

Inductive charging does not provide as high of a current as charging directly from the wall. This combined with the high power consumption of IF is likely why you’re seeing battery drain.

it makes sense but it worked fine before i got my most recent yoke

Then that’s likely your issue. Your new yoke is likely more power-hungry than the old one.

Just what Jake said.
Here you can see the difference between wireless and wired charging:

I would recommend you to use your old yoke, which shouldn’t be a big problem because almost every CH-products yoke is good.

its the same kind of yoke i was getting a saitek but that was too power hungry so i switched back and now it doesnt work

would you guys reccomend a solution

Contact the manufacturer of the yoke.
Good luck!