Battery drain question

Is normal that after 1:30h of flying the battery just discharged 15%?

With Limit frame rate turned on during cruise.

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It depends. What device are you using?

Xiaomi Redmi 9

Well the Xiaomi Redmi 9 isn’t exactly optimized to play graphics heavy games such as IF unfortunately.

Yeah seems normal to me. Infinite flight can drain a lot of battery at times. You can reduce it by lowering your brightness and lowering your graphics more.

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Yeah i played with the brightness almost the minimum and everything on low (btw i can play at high graaphics pretty smoothly) and airplane count set to low.

Well infinite flight is always going to drain battery no matter what graphic setting you have on. It seems pretty normal to me. Keeping your device charged during flights is a great way to not experience battery drain.

Look at this

Yeah again it seems pretty normal. My iPad would probably do the same thing. An hour and 30 mins of flying is a while so that’s why you lost 15 percent of battery power. Another way you can reduce stress to your device which can ultimately save you battery is pointing your camera up in your cockpit so over time the scenery below you won’t load in full level which definitely helps.


The phone is 1 day old so thats why im a little scared of stressing the battery too much

btw thanks for replying

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Anytime! Glad I was able to assist. Enjoy your new device and happy landings!

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