Battery Deterioration

Hi everyone,

I recently got a new iPad for Christmas. I’ve been flying a lot on it so far, and it’s awesome! But, can too much flying be bad? Will doing lots of long hauls make my battery bad even if I have low power mode and low brightness? I just don’t want to completely destroy the battery by flying too much.


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Your battery should be fine. As long as you keep doing what you’re doing now.

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Most of us have been flying for a long time and haven’t had any issues. And yes lowering brightness, limiting frame rate and keeping it on charge are all good habits. You can lower the audio too to conserve power.


I don’t know if you guys completely understood what I said. You probably did, but will flying a lot make my battery health worse, (not just the percentage, but the overall health) and make it worse faster than it would if I wasn’t flying? @Levet @anon7075715

There are many factors that contribute to battery health. All of that is really up to the end user. Battery technology and reliability has improved immensely over the years so you should expect a decent life span with your battery.


Ok, thanks, this thing does have a mean battery! lol

Apple has some tips to share for users. Have a look here in this link to see what you can do:


I have an iPad that I use primarily for IF. I keep it charged all the time and have done a lot of long hauls as well as continous short flights one after the other for about two years and it’s held up.

Battery degradation is unavoidable. The speed in which it happens though isn’t, it’s based usually on charge cycles, that’s why they say not to charge your battery all the time, only when it’s low. I personally take no notice because I know from personal experience that for the device’s ‘useful’ lifecycle it will not have battery issues, and by that I mean for at least 5, maybe 6 years it should not have many issues if any but after that when the device us no longer keeping up and is near enough obsolete the battery issues start to arise. My Air 2 is over 4 years old and is used constantly and I have used it nearly 20 hours a day on most days since global came out and the battery hasn’t been impacted much. I used it for my usual entertainment, work, not IF etc while waiting for my new pro and the battery life as I said above is still not noticeably bad or even awful for an old device. I think it comes down to the quality of the battery really and the product type. There are some consumer electronics such as laptops which are awful for having accelerated battery degradation for obvious reasons, but for the most part just turn your brightness down a little bit while flying, maybe use your device in take brightness as it massively improves your iPads battery life and just enjoy your iPad rather than worry about these little things. I hope you had a great Christmas!


Thank you so much, that makes me feel better!

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I was wondering about this too. But seeing that Apple designed the iPad to be able to withstand all-day usage for every day throughout multiple years, I’m sure IF won’t be too much of a problem.


Don’t trickle charge your phone (keeping it fully charged overnight) and don’t discharge till your phone indicates low battery, charge it whenever you can. Adding to what @Chatta290 said, one full charge cycle means from 0-100% and doing that often is not good.

Hey! There is actually a really neat feature on every Apple Device with iOS 12.0.0+ that is called “Battery Health,”

I reccomend checking it out about every month or so, and making sure you never get below 90%. It is always good to set your brightness to the lowest possible, not be plugged in (if you can/as long as possible) and set all of your graphics settings to low.

I also reccomend completely turning off the audio from IF, as it plays a big role in battery degredation.

To find batter health, Simply Open Settings, Go to “Battery,”> Battery Health

NOTE: IF does seriously degrade your phones/devices battery “Maximum Capacity,”

About a month ago, my battery capacity was at 97, and after about 5 long hauls; (about 40hrs combined) it is standing at 88%; Note - I am running an iPhone 7+ to be fair.

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Infinite Flight made by battery go bad and it went to 82% battery consumption/ health

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It applies to iPhone devices, iPads do not have this feature as they aren’t being throttled I assume. As for the battery health it will go down either way.

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Although IF significantly rushes the process, no doubt.

Battery consumption no doubt is the issue here. Yes using IF with max brightness won’t help but batteries are made out to be more temperamental then they actually are. I know as I have used my iPad a ridiculous amount. After 4 years it would be unusable in terms of battery life but it isn’t. As for my iPhone that’s roughly around that figure anyway without IF. I don’t worry about these things, only damaging my device physically or marking it :)

Mine is at 78%, so I think I need a new battery 😂. One thing that deteriorates battery life the most is heat. Exposing your phone to heat or letting it heat up to the point where it is pretty warm to the touch, that boosts the rate of deterioration of the battery, therefore decreasing battery life.

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Modern battery tech is pretty good. Of course multiple charge cycles might cause a bit of extra wear (like with anything), but I had a two-day flight while connected to a charger, and my battery on the iPad (iPad Pro 10.5") hasn’t degraded in any significant way.

In other words, you should be pretty fine.

P. S. as others said, there are some techniques that will help - they’re just smart device management things that make sure it doesn’t work extra hard when it doesn’t need to. So if you’re away from device on a long haul flight, and aren’t looking at the screen, you can turn the brightness right down. Switch off any unnecessary notifications. Turn off any radios (e.g. bluetooth) that you don’t need running. - just those kinds of things.


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