Batik Air Malaysia Boeing 737-800

Batik Air Malaysia B737-800 9M-LCR

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Just My Opinion (don’t cancel me pls), the Malindo Air B737-800 in Infinite Flight should be replaced by the Batik Air Malaysia livery simply because this livery just looks better and as most of you may know, Malindo Air was rebranded as Batik Air Malaysia not too long ago. Optimally, we could keep both Malindo Air and Batik Air Malaysia liveries for the B737-800 though that’d be quite unlikely.

Having both Batik Air Malaysia and Batik Air for the 737 on IF would be so cool!

About Batik Air Malaysia

Batik Air Malaysia (formerly known as Malindo Air) is a Malaysian hybrid full-service carrier, an assosiate career of Indonesian Lion Group. With 57 routes in Malaysia and across the continents of Asia and Australia and 21 planes currently in service, Batik Air Malaysia is known as one of the biggest airlines in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur International WMKK
Kuala Lumpur Subang WMSA
Kota Kinabalu WBKK
Penang International WMKP

About Batik Air Malaysia’s B738s

Batik Air Malaysia currently has 3 Boeing 737-800s in service. All 3 of them are used for Domestic Flights and Flights Across Asia. They are equipped with 12 Business Class Seats and 150 Economy Class Seats. For More Info, check out Wikipedia.

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Batik Air Boeing B737-800 Feature Request

Love this livery, had the opportunity to see it at KLIA recently.


Same! 😍 [10 characters]

Fun Fact

Out Of Batik Air Malaysia’s 3 B737-800s, 9M-LCR is the only one that’s already been painted with the new livery - the other 2 still have the old Malindo Air Livery.

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Bumping This Topic Up!

Bump!! This livery is a must since its an updated version of the Malindo 737!

This livery is now a must since every single Malindo Air Aircraft has been painted with the new livery.

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