Batik Air Boeing 737 MAX 8

Batik Air Boeing 737 MAX 8

Image Credit: 9M-LRQ | Boeing 737-8 MAX | Batik Air Malaysia | Darius Ang | JetPhotos

Batik Air

Batik Air, formerly Malindo Air, forms a part of the Lion Group. Batik Air Malaysia operates 16 737 MAX 8s, forming almost half of their currently operated fleet. These aircraft are a workhorse within the airline and fly all over Asia and Oceania.

Within Infinite Flight, Batik Air is currently only represented by the A320-200 in the Batik Air Indonesia colours. The Batik Air 737 MAX 8 has many destinations from Malaysia, operating as far as New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, and Japan, as well as some destinations within South East Asia, such as domestic flights within Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, to name a few.

The stunning pattern of the tail allows this livery to be noticed wherever it flies, therefore it is definitely worth a vote consideration. This aircraft getting added into Infinite Flight will allow users to explore more of South East Asia and visit some new destinations!

If you would like to know more about Batik Air, their website and the Wikipedia page has been linked below,

Hey there! Because you’re requesting Batik Air Malaysia, you might want to change your title to that. Just so it’s clear for everyone. :)

This livery is definitely a must. I’ll try spare a vote soon!

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Hey Lee! Thank you for clearing that up with me, I wasn’t too sure about the rules about Airlines and branches from those airlines, etc. I will look into that now! Thanks mate!

No problem! :)

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Voted! This livery is like 90% of the reason I voted for the MAX, and the amount of destinations we could unlock with this livery are very effective for inter-Asia-Pacific flights
These are the flights without stopovers alone


I Agree, a very crucial one to be added into Infinite flight 👍🏼

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Batik Air definitely fly some very diverse routes with the 737 MAX 8, would be brilliant to fly some of these in app!