Batik Air Boeing 737-800

Batik Air B737-800 PK-BGF

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I was just minding my own business scrolling down the Features category until I realized one thing: There’s no feature request for the Batik Air B737-800. So Immediately, I thought of creating a feature request for it and here you go!

Having this beauty in IF would be a dream come true for me and fellow Indonesian Pals in the IFC!

About Batik Air

Batik Air is one of the biggest Indonesian Airlines with 53 Planes currently in service and 45 Domestic and International Routes. It Is Founded In 2012 by its Parent Company, Lion Air. Batik Air began operating as a full service airline in May 2013 and still is operating to this date.

Jakarta Soekarno Hatta WIII
Makassar Sultan Hasanuddin WAAA
Medan Kualanamu WIMM
Surabaya Juanda WARR
Denpasar Ngurah Rai WADD

About Batik Air’s B738s

Batik Air has 21 Boeing 737-800s which are currently in service. They are used for Both Domestic and International Flights. They are all equipped with 12 Business Class Seats and 150 Economy Class Seats. For More Info, check out Wikipedia.

How Can You Help Bring This Livery To IF?

Simply clicking on the blue button that says “Vote” on the left side of the topic title helps a lot!

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Batik Air Malaysia B737-800 Feature Request

I would sooooo vote for this if I had any votes left :( That livery would be wonderful to fly!


Sure would be!

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bro wrote a whole essay about the livery and airline

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I went on this exact registration a few days ago from WIII-WATO

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For Those Who Love This Livery, you will for sure love this one:

This livery is awesome,would like to see it soon in the game🤩🤩🤩


Couldn’t Agree More!

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Elooo bestiev😉😜

Must be added at infinite flight

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What a beautiful livery, voted!


Very Beautiful Indeed!


Quick Bump!

They confirmed Aeromexico 738
Lets just hope for the magic:D

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I don’t know why this Feature Request is being left out by the IFC, this livery is a must especially because Jakarta is gonna be 3D in a future update! I’m hoping to have this livery in IF by then!


Definitely a really nice livery, will try to clear a vote for this one. Does anyone know why Batik Air has two different liveries? One for their Airbus planes and one for the Boeing’s.

Bump!! This is a livery that should be added because the Batik Air A320 only flies domestically so if we could have this one on the IF Family as well, it would be awesome!

Not sure about that as well (not me replying to this 6 months later 😛)

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Almost forgot about this beautiful livery, flew with Batik twice two weeks ago. Just voted ✅