BATA Virtual Alliance

Hi I’m SPB2727 I’m the CEO of the BATA Alliance If you want to be a pilot and fly in any of these FPLs in the comments say your grade info you must be grade 3 and above to fly here’s the routes you need to fly
You can fly in any BATA Alliance Airlines as in Delta KLM Korean Air Emirates British Airways Southwest JetBlue Lufthansa and LOT
Flight plan Southern California

Flight plan

KNUC-KSAN 422NM a330 787 777 or 747
KNUC-KPSP 284NM 767 or a330
KNUC-KONT 283NM 767 or a330
KNUC-KLAX 493NM a330 787 777 or 747

KLAX-KSAN 369NM a330 787 777 or 747
KLAX-KPSP 259NM 757 or 737
KLAX-KONT 266NM 757 or 767
KLAX-KNUC 463NM 787 a330 777 or 747

KSAN-KLAX 387NM 787 a330 777 or 747
KSAN-KPSP 163NM 757 737 or a319
KSAN-MMTJ 118NM ERJ 170 or 717
KSAN-KNUC 392NM 787 a330 777 or 747
KSAN-KNXP 337NM 777 767 787 or a330

KPSP-KLAX 282NM 767 787 or a330
KPSP-KNUC 236NM a319 757 767 or 737
KPSP-KSAN 386NM 777 a330 787 or 747

KNXP-KLAX 310NM 787 a330 767 or 777
KNXP-KNUC 245NM 767 757 737 or a319
KNXP-KSAN 360NM 767 a330 777 or 747 787


Boeing To Airbus
737=a320 a319 a318

Boeing to ERJ
717=ERJ170 ERJ175
737=ERJ190 ERJ195

If you have any questions about this message me and message me when you finished a flight that I planned you will need to send a screenshot of your plane and FPL

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There is already a Delta Virtual Airline.


Its not real…

Noooooooooooo this took so long to make -_-

Try and look around next time 😜 Not sure whether it matters if another VA is made already

Is that my fault now?
You have a search function in the top right corner.

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Skyteam Here we come

You don’t just change the name and sigh never mind

I was originally going to do skyteam but I picked delta because it was too much but I’m doing skyteam now

Unfortunately there is already a Skyteam too

Post here Introducing SkyTeam Virtual Alliance!

And of course the same person

The post was shut down

Yeah unfortunately 😬 Try and research befroe you make all this effort and try and make an website if you can not that it’s required

It was closed due to lack of replies but I think they have a decent sized group

ALL AIRLINE ALLIANCE 😂😀🙂😕🙁☹️😖😭 so sad

The topic above shows all alliances and all airlines which are taken…

I made my own

You can’t just change your airlines name… From Delta to SkyTeam to BATA?

Yes I can 😎