Basically LA to Basically Atlanta

Today we’ll be ferrying some wealthy people to Atlanta to “see a peach tree.” I guess money can buy you happiness.

Hawthorne KHHR (Basically Los Angeles) - Fulton County KFTY (Basically Atlanta)
Challenger 350 (Netjets)

Waiting for the passengers at the FBO, look at how close we are to the runway!

Out of the short 4700ft runway of Hawthorne on the SPACX2 departure, Elon would be proud!

Look who decided to show up!

Just like magic, we’re already on final for runway 8 (woahhhh!)

The rich people’s dreams are coming true! They’re gonna see a peach tree!

Welcome to Fulton County (basically Atlanta)

Thanks for viewing my goofy screenshot album 🤪

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Nice photos!

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I voted for the last photo because it scared me with its looks

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My favorite is basically #3

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That statement tho…