Basically A Shortened Version of My First Timelapse Video

Hello and welcome to yet another topic of mine in the Screenshots and Videos category! In this post, I’ll show you my “remake” version of my first timelapse video!

Now, you may have asked yourself, why did I decided to “remake” my first timelapse video instead of continuing to make second one? Well, the answer is simple… Just wanna save my storage a little bit (deleting these clips, giving more space for the next one) and practice my edits before proceeding to make the second episode of “Flightlapse” series.

Flight info

Flight time: 2 hours 52 minutes
Date: 7th March 2022
Airline: Icelandair
Flight no.: IceAir 451 Heavy
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200
Route: London (LHR/EGLL) - Reykjavik (KEF/BIKF)
Departure runway: 9L (Reverse ops)
Arrival runway: 19
Cruising alt.: FL370
Server: Expert

Music used: Sappheiros - Fading (Remake) that explained the title and the point of this video

Anyway, here it is!

Comparison to the original version

I also have a future video project coming when the E-Jets rework update comes out!


So, I was exploring more music made by Sappheiros and found these two amazing song that could fit into the intended video:

Guess what I wanted to do with these song :)

Note: The video was uploaded unlisted.

Thanks for reading my post! See you again later!


Amazing job! I really loved the variety of shots, they were very dynamic. I also was excited to see the fine details of the plane (the TV screen and its message, tail number close up, etc)!

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Thanks for the compliment! I’ll try to keep on improving on the edits.

Nice!! More simple and straight to flight. I did enjoy the cinematic part a lot. Keep on doing what your doing. I’ll probably be checking out more timelaspes as you upload them.

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Thank you for your kind words! I’ll try to upload more of them until I eventually done with it.

Oh btw I found my new favourite music I plan to use it when the E-jets gets released:

Can you guess what this song is suitable for? Yes, I mean it.

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Plane crash videos?

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That’s right!


Wow I love the cinematic movements

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