basic screen acts strange

Once i go into the cockpit view at the a319 and i double tap the screen to reset it, it goes to a very low position which is very inconveniënt… Does someone know what to do about it or is it a feature that came with the live cockpit update?

thx in advance

Are you sure you have the right camera view selected? Not the instrument one, but the captain one?

It should be like this:

yes i selected the captain one, but once i double tap me view is positioned far below the FPV…

Does it work the same with the A320 and A321?

It is like this with me, different from before

That’s normal @DutchPilot

Can’t check right now, I’m currently in a flight

Aah ok… so that changed then… because it used to be different

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I didn’t play the game for like half a year… so maybe they changed it… I’m sure it used to be much more up… much closer to the fpv

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Yea I think it changed with the live cockpit update

Okay, thx… just something I have to get used to then! Thx!

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