Basic live tutorial needed!

So I just got live for the first time, but I need some basic rules to get me started! I know how to use ATC kind of. And I get the basics. But other rules like what should my departing speed be. Rules that will avoid me getting violations. So if you guys have any rules or top tips please let me know! Thank you 😄


Read many off the tutorials. They will help a lot.


Which ones exactly? @AdamCallow

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Don’t go faster than 250 knots under 10,000ft

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Ahh I though I might of got a violation for that. Thanks!

Departure speed for mediums (a320-737-Ejets) vR+20 or 200kt for me

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  • 250kts airspeed below 10,000ft MSL
  • exceeding about 50 degree bank near an airport
  • on an runway too long
  • 35kt groundspeed on taxiway
  • Exceeding 550GS below 40,000ft MSL
  • landing at small airport with a heavy

If you think of any others then add.


Being at an airport where your aircraft is too large

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Y’all forgot about preforming areobatic procedures in airspace of a active airport…

Good on you for entering this Community and asking the right questions.
Very promising and encouraging.

As mentioned already, this forum is loaded with tips and tutorials.
On YouTube subscribe the the InfiniteFlight channel.

A while ago now I wrote this tutorial for new pilots, its a bit dated but most stuff you may find useful.


Thanks for all the replies? Anymore tips?

Its okay tpo be over 550gs under 50000

Read through some of these. Very helpful!
Also read through some of the Live tutorials here on the forum if you haven’t already:


@Charleston Check the Infinite Flight Official YouTube Channel, there you can find a lot of tutorials about IF!! Link:


great post there, should be updated and pinned! ideally with a link from the loading page of the app so that newbies have the opportunity to learn the basics before going on live!


@david made a one about it, check IF YouTube channel

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