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I’m fairly new to IF as I just reached grade 2. I wanted to understand the differences between the training server and expert server. I also was curious to understand what a “fly out” is and any other information that can be offered on how to get the most out of IF. Thanks in advance


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The difference between Training Server and Expert Server is there is more maturity, there is live ATC at featured airports around the world run by trained people if you don’t follow the instructions of the ATC you can get reported. A Fly-out is a type of event that you sign up to and fly-out with others.


On Expert Server you can get ghosted whereas on Training Server you can’t.


Let’s make this more new-user-friendly.

On the expert server, everything is serious. If you don’t follow by their strict rules in keeping professionalism and following all ATC instructions, you can get grounded for a week (that’s a report/ghost that goes on your IF record). What’s good about this is that you don’t have to worry about bad pilots on your server too often and everything is more mature.

A fly-out is an event posted by someone on the IFC (could be you, could be me, could be any member on this community) that allows multiple users to meet up at an airport and fly-out. All you and other people have to do is sign up and the host will give you a gate. On the day of the event, you spawn into the airport at your gate (other players will spawn at their gates) and you all fly-out together.

For example, I created a fly-out (linked below; please sign up).

In this case, the event will be held at KSJC (the best airport in the world) on the 28th of December, 2019. When you sign up, I will give you a gate. On December 28, you spawn at KSJC at that gate and you can be with other players who are also signed up.

Hope this helps!

(the ones in bold are the ones you really need to know)


Make sure to break all the habits people tend to get when flying on TS.

Also please check the #tutorials and get familiar with everything.

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