Basic FMC

An idea I have:

On page 3 of the controls (lights and pushback) we replace those controls with an FMC-style menu. As opposed to a jet-aircraft style, it would be more like the ATC diolouge, except taking up most of the page, and probably without an FMC style keypad. It would be laid out like an FMC.


  • Weight and balance control from within the AC.
  • Pushback and Light controls
  • ‘V- and Landing- speed calculation’
  • Takeoff V1/2/Rotate Callouts
  • Other aircraft information

I realise some of this would not be part of a real FMC, but a version like this would be good, IMO.



Yes definitely this would be great especially having V’ speed callouts but as mentioned in similar posts the developers would have to calculate all V’ and landing speeds for every aircraft with every possible for weight and weather condition which is kind of unrealistic. Alternatively others proposed to have Speed callouts only for “normal weight” or giving you the option to enter speeds which will be called out then


Like the sound of this, combined with an engine start/stop option too…


Any more takers?

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I take 1,000 times! (Which is why I liked it) this would be a great feature.

Yea love the idea

I should know this, but what is an FMC?

Flight Management Computer

Ohhh, thank you, I’m sure I should’ve known that.

I would also add the flap speeds with a certain weight to the FMC.

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It would have to start simple, but I think this feature is a “must”. It does have its involvement in flight planning as well.

There would need to be a seperate page for it, but thats my oppinion.

If this was to be added, we would need:

  • New callouts
  • Clearence Delivery

Also, for those wondering:


I always thought that a FMC skin for Live Flight Connect and Auto Nav would be great. The software would remain the same but the interface would have the look of a real FMC as Skylines has pictured.

I agree, this would be great. And with callouts? Awesome!

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I would love to see this in the game it would make everything more easier in the long run and the possibilities of more button for flight controls

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Great idea! Perhaps it could share the map page as that flight planing is an important part of the FMC?

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It would make sense. Looks like the planning is done! :)

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We need this. It took me ten minutes to file my flight plan.

Yeah! This would be awesome, I would be able to file flight plans easier!

Would love this, this would make me so happy.

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Same here! Would give IF a realistic feel!


Sorry for the bump ;)

I’d love this, it’d be cool to plan flights in a more realistic manner, ;)