Basic ATC Commands Tutorial-Tower


ATC Basic Commands Tutorial-Tower

Hi! I am going to explain amd define some Basic Commands that a controller can use!

Hold Short-This means you are instructing the pilot to approach the runway threshold but to not actually enter the runway and wait a safe distance away. Usually a line marks where an aircraft holds short.

Line up and wait-This means that you are clearing an aircraft to enter the runway but NOT to takeoff. Instead they align their aircraft with the runway centreline ready for takeoff. This is handy to use when there is a tight gap between traffic waiting to takeoff and traffic on final. It speeds things when an airport is busy and the cue to takeoff is big.

Cleared for Takeoff-This means that you are happy for the aircraft to take-off on the selected runway! It is always important to consider where the traffic might go once airbourne and whether there is a big enough time gap for it to take-off safely.

Cleared for Landing-This means the aircraft can land on the selected runway. Always consider the position of other inbound traffic and any aircraft currently on that runway.

Go-Around- This means you are telling the pilot NOT to land and instead re-enter the pattern for that selected runway.

Hold Position-Only use this as Tower when you have instructed an aircraft to “hold short” but it looks like they have misunderstood and are heading onto the runway.

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ATC Communication Defintions
Can't clear anyone for takeoff

I know this may sound stupid but I have been controlling for around a month and I am just wondering what pattern work actually is thanks


Hey man pattern work is what we ATC use to sequence out the traffic! Its generall left hand straffic for single strip and if runways are parallel then there is left and right traffic pattern!


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No worries! If you want any help with live gimme a shout!


@JGK00 hi, i opened a post “atc strips dashboard”, i think only experienced controlers can elaborate, care to post your input? cheers