Basel to Tirana | A320-200 | WizzAir | Flying to Every Country Pt. 2

Welcome back to my #screenshots-and-videos series in which I fly to every country in the world (in alphabetical order). I try to find the most interesting routes I can for each country. Up today is Albania! Many people often forget this country even exists. I rarely see people flying here. Note: My flights are all set at real world times so this flight was unfortunately in the dark but I did the best I could with it!


Airline: WizzAir
Aircraft: A320-200
Server: ES
Flight time: 1:36
Date flown: 18-01-2021

1+2 // Lifting the gear as we leave Basel 🛫 🇫🇷

3+4 // Views over the Swiss and Italian Alps 🇨🇭 🇮🇹 🏔

5 // I’m not sure what happened here lol. Thought I’d show you anyway cause it’s different ✈️

6 // Window views as we descend into Tirana 🇦🇱

7+8 // Some short final shots inspired by my last spotting topic 📸

9 // Seconds from going splat 🛬

10 // Parked at the gate after an uneventful flight

While I did enjoy the flight it’s not the kind of place and route I would be jumping to fly to again.

Which was your favourite?
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Stay tuned for part 3 in which we fly to Algeria!


Nice pics and hope you enjoyed flying to my country

Edit: Read the post and im now seriously angry that you consider it a place ‘‘you would not be jumping to fly again’’. Bad pics jkjk


Amazing pictures, but just it was night and I don’t see good, but it is not a problem

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Thanks. Don’t get me wrong it was a fun flight and I didn’t mean it was bad at all lol. It’s a lot better than most of Europe! But once you start flying in places like Pakistan Kazakstan and Afghanistan you start to high very high standards lol. I’d certainly rate Albania’s scenery higher than 75% of countries in the world!

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Hahah no worries, i was just kidding, just appreciate you gave us some traffic. But again, Tirana Airport is located in literally the flattest and most boring part of the country, so it’s understandable :)

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Are there any other airports in Albania with commercial traffic. When I was searching for flights to do Tirana was the only real commercial airport I could find lol. I’d love to try a different airport out if your country has any others to offer?

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No, unfortunately not. There is LAKU airport in the north, which is currently under reconstruction and expecting commercial operations next year. It’s located in high terrain and since there are no charts available, it makes for an interesting approach

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Did you know that this happened on a flight from Pristina to Basel.