Basegame MD-11

Hey, I would really like it if the MD-11 was included in the basegame it would mean a lot to me PLEASE. If you add just one more airplane to the base game, you would get less negative reviews on the App Store and also make me and other people happy

Sorry to break it to you, but there isn’t any planned changes to any PRO-based aircraft in the future.


Let’s see… with the new aircraft made each year, maybe something will be added soon…

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Nothing can be guaranteed. A world is at our fingers, and it’s only a few coins away.

Non pros already have a fair bit of aircraft, some extremely detailed. Some even have live cockpits. You also get regions with great scenery. Simple solution. Pay for the pro subscription, get the many many features that comes with it and fly around the world. Things cost money. Hense why there’s a subscription model. So the devs can pay themselves, pay for the third party services they use. That being the servers, for new sound packages like that coming to the 772 rework, and list goes on. That’s why the pro is a little more on the expensive size. They do all the aircraft stuff in house and don’t outsource their work.

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I agree… Theres so much benefit not hust having the sim take up storage lol pro sub for the win! And you help the devs supply more fantastic graphics and aircraft by paying for the sub. They put a lot of work into the sim and for being the only mobile platform sim with ATC coverage. I’d find paying the prices they have very reasonable for what you’re getting! :)

Not to mention their change behind the core of the game. Check that link for more details on that huge project.

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Some you mean the only 1 A321 😂

You mean bills 😸🙃

Atleast non pros are getting clouds…

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Better then nothing. As there’s only 4 aircraft models with a live cockpit. A321/Xcub/C172/A350
I believe there is a version of the cub for anyone to use, don’t quote that because i have no idea. And can easily remember wrong.

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Don’t doubt clouds! Imagine how hard they are to render into a sim like this without crashing the sim or turning your device into a pocket cooker 😂 I can’t wait for clouds but for thr sake of my battery life i can 🤣

Should’ve watched the live stream, it gave a lot of information about the development. How you will be able to see them for hundreds of Kilometres, and go with the wind and so on. But they’re optimizing it so it doesn’t do that.

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I’m 21… But like a kid around christmas presents with update news 😅