Base instructions

I have a question about what to do when told to enter right downwind, or enter left base or left downwind etc etc.
First of all, what is downwind or base?

Secondly, what do I do when told to enter any of the options?

Finally, what do these terms mean?


Hey Liam! Here is an image of what a standard pattern looks like:


Upon takeoff, you fly upwind (away from the airport), crosswind, downwind (parallel to the runway you are using), base, and final (approaching your runway). If you are on left downwind, the runway is to your left and vise versa for right downwind.

If you are told to enter downwind, base, or straight in, this means that you fly that specific leg of the pattern when you are inbound. For example, if told to enter right downwind, you would enter the traffic flow by flying the right downwind leg, then turn to base and final.

I’d highly recommend watching this Infinite Flight tutorial too:


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Its not about being first. Much rather prefer someone who explains a concept in detail rather than throwing a picture up there just to be on top. 🙂


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Ahh thank you everyone. This has really cleared up my misunderstanding. I’m very grateful

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and keep in mind left downwind is on the left of the runway if you are on final or upwind. If you are on left downwind the airport is to your left.

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