Barrier Blocker Thing @KSFO

So today I parked at gate B07 at San Francisco Airport (KSFO) and I saw a red and white barrier thing interfering with gate parking. I don’t have a picture but if you spawn at gate B07, you can clearly see it.

I see what you mean, it’s worse at gate B06.

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Hey, @Pilot_InfiniteFlight!

If I recall correctly, SFO’s 3D model is outdated relative to its 2D counterpart (@brennanhackard redid the 2D model before the transition from WED). Consequently, issues like the one you mentioned should not come as much of a surprise.

Rest assured, this will be documented if it has not already and, as time allows, will be corrected.


Currently working on this and the whole field in general; thanks for the report.


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