Barra Airport Rework

Hello everyone, Barra Airport, or EGPR is located on Barra Island, west of Scotland, many people disregard it and often don’t care for it, but with the TBM as infinite Flights newest addition Barra flights can be made realistic. Barra Airport is important since it’s the only (if not one of the only) commercial airports thats runways are made out of sand.

The reason I think a rework is needed is because the runways are unclear, I think it would be clearer if the runways had the IF sand texture, and taxiways have the sand texture, but the whole airport has the IF sand texture making it crazy hard to approach and know where the runways are, take a look at it yourself.

As you can see from the photo above, the runways are hard to make out.

Additional Info

  • Flights to Barra depart from Glasgow.

British Airways and Flybe operate flights to Barra

Airport editing is something that every user can do, no need to request a rework.

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This would be a great airport to start your editing journey with! Check out the process in the thread below: