Barra Airport EGPR

did you know that Barra Airport (Eastern Scotland) has its runways made of sand ?
If fact this airport uses the beach as a runway so you can only land on it if the tide is low. Wouldn’t it be great to have this airport added in IF ?


Yep, I knew that. Did you know that they have ten minutes to ready the plane for departure after landing or else it’ll get washed away?


Yeah, old story. Didn’t know the ten-minute thing though.

It’s because they have to spend most of the tide time clearing the runway of shells and stuff.


Now who was the genius who decided, “hey lets build an airport on a beach where there are active tides!”


The same people probably built TNCM too. :/


It’s St Maarten right ?

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Yes. A google search could have given you the answer.

Have you seen the Gibralatar one ?
It’s impressive

@Cdt_Aupetit this is not the place to discuss these kind of airports, make a new topic if you want to discuss them.

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