Baron 58 Picking up my buddy from college

This afternooon I got to ride right seat in my buddies 1991 Beechcraft Baron 58 to College Station Texas. We left SRC at around 430pm and got into Collge station at around 630ish. We flew VFR at 8500 feet with a great tailwind. On our return we filed IFR as my buddy wanted to fly and had a cruise of 9000 feet.


I love the last picture! It must’ve been a great experience! 👍


Thanks! It was an awesome experience!


any picture about its avionic ?

It doesn’t looks like a G58 (with garmin 1000)

Nice shot of East Texas Regional you’ve got there. That’s where I got my Private, Instrument and Commercial done. 🙂 I know that area very well.


Thanks man! I appreciate it.

I have some pictures some where in my photo library. It’s not G1000 but it is a glass cockpit

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ookey cool
can I see them please?

Yah. Ill have to find them


okay ookay

that’s an interesting avionic here !

No problem! It’s a lot nicer in person!

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