Barcelona El Prat Spotting RWY25R ARR @BCN

Hello everybody!
Today was planespotting day in BCN. I had a lot of fun at the viewpoint even though we were packed and temperature was LOW
Let me recap before I even start, I managed to see some special aircraft and liveries maybe not in this topic
Let’s get into it and enjoy!

This first one is a SAS A320 in the new livery, the mask makes this aircraft really more modern which is really cool


The next one is a Turkish Airlines A321NEO


This TUI 787 coming from Gatwick (LGW) was previously owned by Thompson and got repainted some time ago


And next are the American heavies both coming from the BigApple 🍎
I managed to catch the pretty rare 767-400ER that flies from Newark to Barcelona regularly!


Then we have the more common 767-300


After the US airlines we have El AL 737-900ER first time I even see this type of 737.


Then we have a rare sight that I got, a Transavia 737-700 and in case you didn’t know, only 4 are in the fleet out of more than a 100 737! The 737-700 really looks small hence the fact it is a direct contender for the A318


I LOVE the A220 and even more now that it is in the sim. Appreciate here F-HZUC!


Next up is the E175 from KLM hopefully we’ll get to see this little guy in the sim when they get reworked


And last but really not least is a TAROM 737-700 from Bucharest


Now a quick reminder, these photos are mine, taken by myself, please, if you want to use any of these pictures just ask in a PM😁

I have one last question:
I have other pictures that are really nice because they are special liveries etc… , could I post them as a reply to this topic or should I create a new topic and they are from this Planespotting session?

Hope you enjoyed



Great photos!

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Awesome Shots Well done 👏🏻

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Ces photos sont magnifiques! Bravo!


I’m going to post more photos as I was restricted from using more than 10 so here are more:

First time I saw a Helvetic E2 and it makes a very special sound and it’s engine are huge!


Now these are the cargo aircraft I spotted today:
An Embraer 120 Brasilia from ASL Airlines pretty small aircraft for a big airport!


And then a Prime Air 737-800BCF operated by ASL Airlines aswell


Let’s now get to special liveries:
The Disneyland Paris Vueling A320 that I actually took from Barcelona to Granada!


And for rugby fans, this AerLingus A320 was fitted with a special livery for the Irish rugby team! How cool…


And the last aircraft is a governmental plane I believe it came from Madrid but it’s transponder was off so I had no info…



Awesome quality! Love all of them! Mind I ask what equipment you’re using?

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Thanks! My camera is a “Canon 450D”

Oh really? That was the camera I had prior to my 250D, my shots were never as good in quality as the one’s you have! Nice work 🤙🏻

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