Barcelona Airport Re-Named

Today, Barcelona-El Prat Airport was renamed to Josep Tarradellas-Barcelona-El Prat Airport, without asking anyone if the governement could do it. In my opinion, I prefer just Barcelona-El Prat, because it has been like this since a long time ago. What is your opinion??


I don’t believe that airports need governmental approval for a name change, unless government run. The only downside is that airports would need to change the name and signs and such within and around the airport would need to be changed. But I don’t see any issue with the name changing other than the ones I listed

No, it’s not that. The governement changed airport name without asking no one

I’ll continue to name it Barcelona El Prat

I fail to see the importance of a name change that doesnt actually change, but simply gets an appendix affront the original name…

It’s still Barcelona-El Prat, just with a name in front of it.

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