Banter Virtual Airline Offical Thread

Hello user this is a advert for the banter virtual airline.
We are are very friendly va we strive to put the banter in your flight.
We follow the rules and we have a good old banter we are currently looking for pilots.
We don’t mind if you don’t have lots of planes we just care about if you have what it takes to have some banter.
Thinking about joining my banter va? Just apply on my website (I will make a different website soon this is just a temp one)

So what are you waiting for get out there and have some banter keeping to the rules tho 😅

Ps. This is a new thread due to the old one glitching out (Carson told me to make a new one)


It says site cant be reached

Stand by I will reboot it

Odd name😂😂😂😂
This link works

Still looking for staff also I might be adding global routes

Does it require live ?

Kinda I am guessing you don’t have it?

Yep that’s true

You can join if you want.

Sure I guess

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let me join want some good ol banter

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Welcome to banter Virtrual :) Do you have live if you do what type

I have Live plus

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So am I in?

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Yea :) you got it

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