Banning Spammers?

Today I was on Los Angeles Tower, Training Server. The airport was very busy, so I broadcasted that not pattern work was allowed. The user who I was aiming it towards, started to spam me and wouldn’t stop. I tried to report him but because of my grade level (grade 2) I was not able to. Could someone help me? I play this game to have fun but to also be serious and practice my skills, it is not okay when I am trying to control a busy airport and a user decides to spam me for 10 minutes straight, by the way I gave them clearance several times hoping they would shut up but they didn’t. The weird thing is, their grade 4! I have screenshots for evidence if you need them. I could use the help! Could we get Christopher_Nicholi banned, or could you at least look into it? It was so bad I ended my ATC session!


Unfortunately the Training Server is the Training Server and that server is used as a somewhat more professional casual server. And just to add, opening a common, busy airport on the TS will likely attract a lot of “unprofessional” users.

And about the grade, just because they are a pretty high grade doesn’t mean they are professional about it, it just shows their dedication for the game.


Make a tracking thread here with the airport you choose (choose one that isn’t very busy) and control there. Eventually you’ll be able to qualify into the ATC tests to become a controller in the Expert server.


Your flying Grade does not affect wether you can report someone on TS. In order to report someone for ATC related stuff, you have to be part of IFATC. And as stated before, the training server is not really an enforced server. There are some things that are enforced (taxi speed, airspeed), but following ATC commands is unfortunately not one of them.

In cases like that you can message the @moderators and they’ll look into it. Spamming a frequency isn’t expected on the Training Server.


You can apply IFATC if u want :)

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Once you reach grade 3, apply for IFATC. On the expert server, you can expect professionalism so there won’t be any spammers.

Spamming the frequency is not good practice, not being able to announce inbound correctly and spamming a frequency are two completely different things.

Yes, the training server is to practice however taking advantage of the fact you can’t get reported by a controller and spamming them is not ok.

“Users with no regard for others may be subject to removal from the server”

It’s one of the first things mentioned when you first load into the server.


Don’t think it’s particularly fair to ask for someone to get banned on the main part of the forum. Yes people can be annoying on the training server but asking for them to get banned on a topic is a little harsh :)

Especially bearing in mind this is the training server. Like others have said if you want people to follow instructions and not spam, try and get to expert sever and IFATC.


I’m Grade 2 is that okay?

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It seems the controller in question has an IFC account, I see no harm in sending @Christopher_Nicholi a private message in this scenario - obviously, be respectful in doing so, but ask for an explanation if you so desire.

No you need to have access to the Expert Server (i.e. be Grade 3 or above) to apply for IFATC.

I signed up yesterday for infinite flight ATC and was wondering if it is hard or if you know what your doing you should be fine I am a bit nervous any tips that would be great

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Hey mate,

IFATC is certainly nothing to worry about and there is plenty of like-minded individuals that are willing to help you out and see you succeed in your IFATC career.

I recommend checking out some of the tutorials found on Infinite Flight’s official YouTube channel.

In addition, there is an IFATC Training Team which has a bunch of very knowledgeable trainers that will be able to further assist you in developing your understanding and controlling skills to help you grow as a controller.

Once you have been picked up by your recruiter (pending you meet all the requirements), they will help get you started.

Take care mate!


Thx you I appreciate it

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Sending a message to the pilot would be the best course of action here