Banning is over used!

I get reported for taxiing to another gate because some guy decided to spawn on my spot! My throttle went full but straight after I break as fast as possible! I was flying for almost 3 hours and the ATC report me just like that!
I pay 10€ per month to play this game. Which is not cheap I was hoping a bit more respect than just banning people like that. I have only three Violation was Grade 4 I have the stats of a respectful player.
When playing real serious simulator like IVAO when you do a mistake people are there to help you when banning people they can’t progress. I’m not saying the game isn’t serious I’m saying watch the people you ban! Even more when people are subscribing to a game every month!

Hope y’all having wonderful flights!

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Who reported you?

Hello Henri!

If you would like to speak to the controller that reported you, please check your logbook and PM the controller name listed there :)

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@Matt777 you report me for (taxiing through others) the guy literally spawned on me! I wanted to finish my flight with my own gate and was trying to not disturb anyone! Like common look at the people you ban I was doing a nice flight and I was Grade 4 have some compaction with the people you ban. I also pay for this and put lots of time in it!

Calm down there buddy. Send a kind polite message to him and discuss it there :)


Drop him a PM. If what you’re saying is correct which i assume it is, it’ll most likely be reversed.
Serves you way better than going on a rant, i promise :)