Banning certain planes in certain areas.

Right, I’ve come to the conclusion a long time ago that a lot of people don’t know where airlines are based and what there doing. Especially on the EXPERT SERVER!!! It greatly annoys me when I land at Heathrow (EGLL) and park up and then a southwest 737 spawns next to me. It almost ruins my flight. I also wish for the expert server to actually be expert but I know there’s other posts about that. Anyway back to the point. Do other people find it really annoying when people spawn in planes in the wrong airport? Today I had just landed at São Paulo Airport and waiting to cross the runway and then a TAP A320 spawns in. I’m just like 🤦‍♂️.

Please teach people or ban aircraft from certain areas. Thanks.

You have to remember, this is a game!
Not real life


I agree, but I’m out of votes lol.
This always ruins a flight. ;)

But hey, next time this happens, you can Just assume that It Is a wet-leased plane. :D


You didn’t hear? Southwest started routes to Heathrow. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Cheap flying across the Atlantic


My man, its called expert server because people know how to follow the rules. Its not about the realism, realism is the by product of having dedicated and respectful players on expert. If a person so wishes they should be able to whip out an Emirates 777 to try to make a route to their home airport, they should be able to.


There are enough problems to try to enforce on Expert, this is being unnecessarily picky.

Time to fly an a380 out of SDF.


So you people think it’s a good idea to fly a southwest 737 at Heathrow smh.


People are paying for this app, so don’t you think they should be able to? This is extremely picky and un-necessary.


Can someone point out where it said it was a good idea? I can’t find it.

We’re not suggesting it’s a good idea nor would most of us do it, it’s just that we think that other people might want to and it’s their money they’re spending so they should be able to decide what they want to do.

We already went through the gate size fiasco, but I think implementing a system like this would not only be difficult but very unworthwhile.

I cringe everytime I see it but I respect others’ decisions.


For a start loads of people do it. Expert server should be for realism flights and rules only. Not some joker. If they want to fly the Banana bus from Manchester to Stockholm then do it on training. Don’t even see why people would want to do that.


If they follow all flight rules, it shouldn’t matter to you. People get the freedom to use whatever livery they like.


If you have a problem with livery usage then just ignore it or not fly.

I mean A it’s quite hard to ignore it it because there obviously a stupid person and I always want to fly. I’m flying right now.


Ok, yes, realism = good, but let me propose an idea: let’s ban people descending at over 2000 fpm, ghost people if they use 100% throttle, delete their accounts if they park a Spirit plane at a Delta gate, etc etc. The point is, expert should be realistic as possible however some things would be plane (haha get it) unworthwhile to enforce. Anyways, you’re playing Infinite Flight. If you wanted more realism FSX, XP11, P3D all out there. You’re on a mobile sim most people treat like a game, things like this gonna happen.


…and how exactly would this be implemented?


This level of restrictions would be a nightmare to implement for developers. And then if something changes, you would have to wait for the next update to be able to fly that route. Then you will be complaining about that.


It’s not necessarily an enforceable issue but it’s just some common sense people could use, but there’s people that disregard the common sense element or just can’t be bothered, if they can’t be bothered then they should be on training.

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It’s a game… some people have a favourite aircraft and favourite livery 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Simulation. If someone spawns in, is a SW737 at EGLL and it ruins your whole flight that’s kinda of silly. Expert most pilots know the rules, they follow them and are expected too as well. What would be silly and ruin some people’s experiences is not being able to fly their favourite plane to an FNF because the plane doesn’t fly there or the company doesn’t fly there.


Financial idea 100. Just ghost people or give vios everytime they step outside an area. That’ll totally bring people into the game and not make casual players stop.

Keep in mind most of the IF playerbase isn’t on here and most of the ones on here don’t even care.