Banners for Aircraft!


Credit to my friend who got that pic

Someone did fly that above Seattle…

As you seen above I’d like banners for GA aircraft. What could happen is (especially in the up and coming C172 rework) is you could press a little tick box and then type in what the banner needs to say. It could have a censorship system like GT Sports system which is a great one. Why would this be important? It’s a bit of eye-candy and would make some great screenshots. What do you think? Drop a like and a comment to voice your opinion!

Yes, but how would the developers make this banner visible in the sim?


I’m not a coding person but our devs are so good they could fighure it out somehow!


Like the idea for this actually. I could see myself flying a C172 around KSFO.

How would the message work so people don’t write inappropriate things?


The censorship system, it would have a few words automatically and people with a certain status could report, a mod will check and if it is approved as explicit the word will be added to the ‘censored’ database.


You know, I gotta say, this is actually an awesome idea! Forgetting about the development part of it, I would love to see this in the game. Whether or not that will be possible is a different story.


I feel like you’re on the right track for something special. The only issue I can see as others have mentioned is the use of inappropriate words etc.

I understand that you mentioned about a censorship system and mods could check, but I would feel that this would take a huge moderation effort and would add to the high workload that the moderators already encounter.

It’s a good idea though, just needs some fine tuning in my opinion.


I think this would be great!

For the problem of certain words, we could have preset banners and we could submit 2D banner designs to be added.


Everything has flaws, it would be impossible to make it perfect but we could try our best. Maybe even trusted regulars could review them…


Maybe, but if I want my local football team I can’t type their name in

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It’s a funny idea, very creative. I don’t feel like it’s the right thing to add to Infinite Flight because of moderation and performance reasons though. Funny idea nevertheless! 😃



Thanks you! Maybe one day if performance gets better on devices this could be added!

It would be good, and it’s a good Idea, however there would have to be a moderation thing introduced you would get people having inapropete stuff on the banner. Good Idea tho 😀

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Thanks! I understand that there would be people who might put explicit stuff on it, maybe change it to expert and solo mode only? But if you want to train with picking up a banner the expert server isn’t the best place… If it is implemented the devs will hopefully figure out a way!

Yes that is correct and they would need to make it so you can only use over a curtain hight

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As it might interfere with people landing

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Having Banners wave like that would cause quite a bit of lag imo

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This is an interesting idea. From the standpoint of a developer point of view it’s probably extremely difficult to implement due to it needing physics as well depending on what the aircraft model is doing plus what wind is looking like. Interesting again but seeing a small C172 with a banner attached landing into KLAX for example takes some realism away.

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Thanks for summing up IF.


I think your banner needs a correction.