Banned unfairly

I was landing today at KLAX on runway 25R, the tower told me that 25L, I didn’t take a good look at the message and I responded without reading the message (badly on my part in that section) But on many occasions there are pilots here in IF who are not lined up on the runway given by the tower and the tower gives them a warning, I was never warned that I was on the wrong landing strip when I was already at 300 feet and entered a plane to runway 25L I was going to perform go around maneuvers but at once the game showed me the message that I have been banned level 3. I deserve a reasoned explanation since this is a video game and I am paying monthly for a service Online, I didn’t offend or crash into another plane to receive that style of ban. I know the server is Grade 3 and it’s serious, but one also uses it for fun. Please, if you could return Grade 3, I would be very happy because I feel that I didn’t really land on the runway and I didn’t block someone’s way or dare a plane. thanks

Contact @LongHaulGuy via PM and sort it out in there. No need to make a public topic!


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Just a question, can users who use ATC be reported?

If a controller is found to be continuously reporting wrongly, they would be removed from the team.

and where can i report?

False reports happen sometimes and sometimes they are by accident (has happened to me before). If you feel like you didn’t do anything wrong, please DM @appeals. No public topic needed to shame a controller.

ok I’ll do it, I didn’t know this section existed, sorry to the other user for anything

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How delete the topic?

I’ve flagged it for closure…


Going to do the same