Banned to the expert server wrongly

I was banned to the expert server because the control tower of Barcellona International were inaccurate and inaccurate on the guidelines to be adopted during the taxi and take-off, after repeated inquiries of what I had to do I was banished by the server
I would like to be rehabilitated on the fly in this server

Check your logbook and contact the controller 😊

If you’re unable to find your controller, you can give us the name from the logbook and we may assist you with that. Everything related to the ghosting will then be discussed between the controller and you via PM.


There is always a valid reason to your ghosting. Try to contact your controller like Marc said, and be respectful and cooperative through the conversation. Hope all goes well

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Contact a moderator :)

Welcome to the community!
I Don’t think you can PM anyone since you are a new user.
But as other say, if you find his name we can help establish contact.

You can always PM moderators

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