Banned From Grade 3?


I’ve recently been playing in grade 3 frequently, I’ve tried to join today for a flight but says I’ve got too many violations. However I’ve got 0 violations and pass the criteria in all categories to get into grade 3. I’ve always followed ATC instructions too. Not sure what’s happened tbh.

Can anyone think of why this has happened???


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Our Expert Server requirements have recently changed. This change was put into effect to ensure a professional and expert environment for those who wish to enjoy a realistic simulator experience. Please see this post for the new Expert Requirements:

Please read carefully and let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!


Check your total violations on LiveFlight also check the new expert server changes

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Hello! So refer to the following links above regarding the Expert Server requirements change. Basically what you are looking at isn’t your total violations, it’s he violations you have gotten within a certain period of time on your grade table.

Adding on to Tyler, please check out #tutorials and #tutorials:flight to learn how to fly properly, the Expert Server is no place to fool around and learn, it is a place to fly professionally, if you want to learn and experiment leave this to the Casual or Training Servers and good behaviour is expected upon joining Expert, Training server behaviour should be ditched upon joining the Expert Server.

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I don’t think he is braking the rules in anyway guys. Try restarting your app or redownloading app. It’s probably just a glitch because if you don’t have any violations or ghosts it should be not be saying this

Upon what are you basing this information?

You can see his grade table? I can’t.

You know how many violations he has? You know how many ghosts he has?

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No need to get mad sir. If he says something he probably means it. Don’t think he would waste time posting something that’s not even true. I’m just saying telling him to follow rules is not helpful if he clearly said he follow rules


I’m not fooling around at all, I always follow ATC instructions and had no issue understanding what they are asking me to do. I’m an Air Traffic Controller in real life for my job so it’s not like I’m a novice to the instructions.


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Many thanks for your swift reply, il have a look.

I applaud you for writing such a excellent reply. I would like it at least 10 times if I could!


Now it’s become a pissing match. 🙄


Some people should leave the support and inquiry categories to the Pros as most of these tiffs and scuffles could easily be avoided.


@Levet some people aren’t sure whether they’re pros or not, which I assume you’ve seen and dealt with on this forum before lol.

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[Yes, unfortunately, the term is self-applied by many more than to whom it could possibly be legitimately applied. If you’ll forgive this as a jumping-off point, this is not directed at you, in particular, by any means.]

Perhaps a guide, then (I’ll avoid definining the term, and just stick to what’s helpful and what’s not):


  1. Rely on the actual numbers
  2. Stick to known and provable facts
  3. Request screenshots and/or video [AKA evidence]

Not Helpful:

  1. Ignore everything tangible in favor of how one feels [e.g. if A makes me sad, A is false]
  2. Accept every contention made without evidence at face value
  3. Occasionally will blatantly ignore screenshots

If you find yourself making a positive assertion about whether someone qualifies for something while possessing none of the information required to make said assertion, you are not making a valid argument, by definition and the rules of logic, not my opinion. [i.e. Can’t see the grade table, but *know* that person A meets all requirements for Grade 3; Argument from ignorance - Wikipedia ]

You are arguing from a position of no evidence to a positive conclusion which requires tangible evidence, which is a logical impossibility.

It’s not so much the who can reply, but the utility of the replies.

Replies which do not address the coded requirements for access to the server cannot, by definition, be of any use. When someone asks why they have not reached a certain grade, anyone who is willing to positively assert they know the reason without seeing the grade table is simply guessing, and that is both unhelpful and confusing for the original poster, who may receive several of these guesses, all of varying shapes and sizes.

Setting aside the word ‘pro’, anyone may assist, but to do so, they must have the information that is required to make a positive assertion before doing so.

If one finds oneself applauding the logical fallacy of having arrived at a positive conclusion despite possessing none of the relevant facts, it’s a pretty safe bet that one is not moving the conversation forward in a productive manner.

[Again, this is in no way directed at you, personally. This is a general assessment of virtually every thread of the “why am I not…” and “why can I not…” and “how did I get…” variety.]


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