Banned from expert server for “spamming”

I filed a flight plan from 10D to Minneapolis international airport. I was flying an a330 and for some reason it let me take off from that airport. Shortly after takeoff I checked in with Minneapolis approach and right after that, i got a message saying “destination airport is not accepting incoming traffic at this time due to heave traffic”. I kept flying and monitored frequency. I noticed every single aircraft that requested an approach other than me into Minneapolis was given one. So I tried to request one too and right after I did so, I got banned for spamming. When in total i sent only 2 messages in around 2 mins. Now I’m banned for a whole week from the expert server.

Check your logbook and tell us who reported you.

Once you’ve seen their name in your logbook, you’ll be able to find their IFC account here:

We have to use this 😂


Will reach out via pm