Banned Finish

What day will my expert server ban end? I was on the track without permission on 10/09/2022

and when it is renewed, no matter how many times I make a mistake, it will be banned for 1 year please help?

Your violation will expire within the given time frame provided. In this case, it seems it is 7 days approximately. The system might not update it right away, and I would recommend being patient with it.

If you have any further questions I would recommend reaching out to whoever you handled your appeals with - if you created one of course. If not, feel free to shoot me a DM and I can answer any questions about the different kinds of reports we issue at IFATC.


It seems like you’ve had a level 3 violation within the past week, meaning you have to wait until its been a week since you got that violation before you have access to the next grade

It would be more helpful to see a screenshot of your violation history page. This page includes the times you got the violations and we can tell you exactly when you will be Grade 3 again.

From the looks of it you are also very close to exceeding the 1 year limit of Level 2/3 violation so please be careful.

Thanks to all of you guys, so when I get violated again, if my 2/3 limit is 5-5 for the last time, I will not be able to enter the expert server for 1 year. İs it correct

Not quite. It’s a rolling 12-month period. So you would be banned from Expert until the oldest of those 5 level 2/3 violations becomes 12 months old.

so as far as i understand, i shouldn’t get a violation for the last time, right?

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You actually need to incur 6 to exceed the limit - so as long as you don’t get 2 more before the oldest one becomes 12 months old, you’ll be good.

thank you so much for the help my friend :)

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